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I was born Kelly Nguyen Tran in 1998. 


My parents named me "Kelly" after Kelly Kapowski from "Saved By the Bell." I love my name.

Around 2017, very talented actress, Kelly Marie Tran, made her debut in the Star Wars franchise. Being in the same industry, my name and my work became undiscoverable on the internet as "Kelly Tran."

I wanted to keep my Vietnamese roots with my last name, so this meant changing my first name. 

"Milky" came as a joke, but I loved it. It's playful, a little dumb, a little cute, a little sweet and very me. Even though I am lactose-intolerant, milk has always been in my life. My parents still call me every night to drink a glass of milk before I go to bed. 

Kelly Marie Tran, Academy Awards


Kelly Nguyen Tran, shoeless in house


My S.O. at the time once had a caricature commissioned of me using the bottom right photo, but it ended up looking more like Kelly Marie Tran. 

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