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narrative / unscripted / music videos

Everything has been made with passion :)

Emily Has a Body Trailer #1
Three Fish (Short Film)
HZU - It Ain't Easy (Official Video)
I Escaped North Korea. Ask Me Anything
I'm a Blind Person. Ask me Anything.
American Love
Picture Us (Short Film)
Coffee (cà phê) (Short Film)
Happy Birthday, Grandma (Short Film)
Love & Goodwill (Short Film)

i'm blind. ask me anything (unscripted)

A brand integrated Jubilee Media video in collaboration with Google - where strangers interview Precious, a blind musician and music educator.

american love (short film)

A DREAMer faces possible deportation after a racially motivated accusation at dinner.

i escaped north korea. ask me anything (unscripted)

A Jubilee Media video where strangers interview Harry, a young outspoken man who escaped North Korea with his mother when he was 14 years old.

it ain't easy - hzu (music video)

A couple experiences the ups and downs of their romantic relationship but cannot stop calling each other. 

coffee (cà phê) (short film)

A newly English speaking Vietnamese immigrant anxiously orders a cup of coffee in person.

picture us (short film)

A young boy turns a thoughtless birthday gift from his dad into one he can create memories with. 

three fish (short film)

A Vietnamese woman reveals to her partner that she is pregnant while grocery shopping for dinner.

emily has a body (short film)

A late bloomer makes friends with the older kids, going on a journey of what she believes it means to become a woman - emotionally and physically. 

happy bday grandma (short film)

I miss you, bà ngoại.

A young woman travels through memory as she donates her late father's items at the local Goodwill.

love & goodwill (short film)

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